Welcome to Istuion’s Fortress of Solitude.

The Man of Steel is back. Be prepared. This new blog will feature some exclusive pieces that you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. I’ll be trying to experiment with new themes and such, but should be posting within the week, for anyone who may be interested.

I’m hoping what I do come out with will be an interesting read for all you random blog reader people. I have one or two things in the works that I know some people have waited a while for, including my long anticipated online interview with Drew Karpyshyn, the brilliant mind behind the Star Wars: Darth Bane series, as well as such games as Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, Neverwinter Nights and the 2003 Game of the Year; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

Expect to see more exclusive interviews, movie reviews, book reviews, a bit of theology and my own general banter. If you can put up with me long enough, I reckon we’ll both have a good old time.  Flick a comment over to me if you want to see anything or anyone in particular. If it’s possible for me to do it, then you’ll see it here, in Istuion’s Fortress of Solitude.

Thanks for your patience.

~ Istuion.