This is a piece I wrote some time ago. It’s something I feel strongly about and wish to pass on further than just the infinitesimal realm of my Facebook notes, which is where it has remained buried for some months now. I truly believe that God was working within me when this was written, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Feel free to pass on your thoughts.

The world is grown cold.

Everywhere you look there is darkness. Everywhere the tools of the enemy lay.

Where is God you say? You ask where is God the Father?

Where do you think He is? How can He bring His light into this world when the very citizens who fill it keep Satan alive. You would call God a fraud and dare to mock Him who made you, you say He does not exist, that even if He exists then He has forsaken you, but you never thought for a moment that your own heart drove Him out of this world. That your own selfish desire and constant wars of hatred allowed Satan the Enemy to grip this world by it’s throat, planting the seeds of his vile contempt into the souls of men.

You would blame Him, the Father that sacrificed His only son, Christ Jesus, to forgive your foul deeds, to forgive your sins. You would not bring glory to His name but besmirch it in favor of the darkness that has destroyed our world. You say war is fought in God’s name?

Forgiveness is God’s only sword, Love is His only shield.

Your wars are made and maintained not by the will of God, but by the whispers of another. The one you let in with your lusting, the one you let in with your hate. You have become so tainted that he doesn’t even need to raise a hand.

Why would Satan fight when your actions give him more power day by day?

God loves you, but you would rather be a child of sin.

What went wrong, Earth?