“Listen to me! Do exactly what I say! Jerk it left, right, left, up, then down!” Eli’s call rang out through the corridors of the Sanctuary, the note of urgency in her voice apparent to Rhy, even from all the way up front in the cockpit.

The moment was tense. Rhyiianna had risen again, the smile still on her lips as she felt her Daddy’s words flowing through her mind. She took the control yoke in her hand, but still it wouldn’t budge. She jerked it right. She jerked it up. Still nothing.

She played Eli’s words over in her mind again. She hadn’t really heard her all that well, too focused on hearing Daddy. Still focused on him because not only were his words in her mind.. she could feel him too. He was here.

Looking down at the controls momentarily, she panicked again. She believed him when he said he would protect her, but she wasn’t sure how he could if they crashed at not only this speed, but this trajectory. The rate they were going gave them maybe thirty seconds at best. Time was running out.

As she went to call out to Eli once more, her entire body went limp. She fell, slumped over the chair before rolling to one side and landing unconscious on the floor. For what seemed like forever she simply lay there, though in actuality it was barely a second.

When the body of Rhyiianna rose from the ground, it was not Rhyiianna who saw through her eyes. A quick look in the viewport gave that away. The reflection in the transparisteel showed something else altogether. Her eyes were yellow. The eyes of Omega.



His vessel hung loosely at his side. The lightsaber he had clung to for so long clinging to the belt of his daughter. So much did he want to return that not even the Force itself could have prevented him. He was Omega. Nothing in this universe could stand in his way once his mind was set.

This was all it had taken. The power of spirit transference had proven itself worthy of his time. A small focusing of his latent Force energy, as well as a subtle manipulation of Rhyiianna’s own Force energy, and here he stood. The Dark Lord of the Sith. Ready to conquer the galaxy and take all life at his will if he so chose. Why then did he not?

He knew there was no Jedi in all the galaxy that could ever stand against him. The only Sith that could ever hope to challenge him was Feral and after their last encounter, he was certain Feral would not make such an unwise choice. A vision of his battle in Feral’s throne room in the Jygat on Mygeeto filled his mind, more specifically the Force Blast that had sent Feral crashing into a wall of planetary bedrock. The crumbled remains of Feral’s throne laying on the dusty floor.

He blinked. There was no time for nostalgia. He had to act fast. He had taken over Rhyiianna’s body for a reason and time was running out. Remembering the other girls words, he quickly jerked the yoke to the left, then right, left, up, and finally down. Giving the yoke a quick tug back gave him all the confirmation he needed. Steering was back online.

Putting his mind completely in the moment, Omega acted through the Force alone, calling on it to guide his every movement. Holding the yoke with one hand, his other hand floated above the console. His eyes turned a more vibrant shade of yellow as he fed himself more memories of his fight with Feral, fueling his anger and allowing him to channel more dark side Force energy.

He began to manipulate the ships systems. The very power coursing through his veins firing up the thrusters once more. He was aware that Eliel’s power cycling of the ship had given the engines back their power, but this was much quicker than starting the ship by any conventional means. Setting his will on the ship itself, he fed as much power as he could to the thrusters, pushing them to full reverse.

Without ever looking out of the viewport he could sense that it wasn’t going to be enough. It wouldn’t be the end though. Not for her. He had said he would protect her and he would. She would live. Her friend he could not guarantee, though for the sake of his daughter he hoped she would survive also. Rhyiianna would not understand what had transpired here today. She would need a friend.

He had seen her future. He had seen what she could become if she lived. “As long as you don’t fail her today, Sith.” a voice whispered in the back of his mind. The voice that replied was not Omega’s. He almost lost focus for a moment as he heard himself speak, the voice that came out not that of one of the galaxies most feared Sith Lords, but that of a ten year old girl who would live to see her destiny come to pass.

“Say what you will, she will survive.”

As the engines consumed precious power in their attempt to slow the ships descent, the ground grew ever larger in the viewport. Omega’s eyelids flitted as he called on more and more power, drawing heavily on the dark side of the Force to control the ship. His process was slow and was fast taking up all the time they had left, but it was working. The ship’s trajectory was drastically altered, enough that they would strike the ground belly first. Their speed was lessened enough that he could almost assure that at the least, Rhyiianna would survive.

Suprising even himself, he smiled. In his life, Omega had nothing. Except Rhyiianna. His daughter. Though she was not born as it, she was exactly that. His daughter. If there was ever one weakness in Omega, it was her. There was no length he would not go to for her safety. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. She was all the humanity left in him.

Seating himself in the pilot’s seat, he relinquished his hold on her. He gave her back her body. He knew what he was doing as his mind re-entered the lightsaber hilt. She would survive.


Rhyiianna blinked. Her eyes shot open in time to see the ground approaching fast. They were moving slower than before and their trajectory was far less steep. She wondered if Daddy had done something, but she didn’t need to ask. She could feel him still. Deep down she knew that somehow, he had done something.

As the ground grew closer, and the first pieces of the ships durasteel hull crumbled in front of her, Rhyiianna shut her eyes tight, her mind speaking out through the Force, screaming four words into the darkness that enveloped her.




He was merely a spirit again. Inside his old lightsaber he was far less potent than he ever had been outside of it, but he still had more power than many of the Sith that now walked the galaxy. As the ship closed in on the planet, Omega; Dark Lord of the Sith, set his will upon his daughter.

His consciousness focused on nothing else. As the ship struck the planet, the first shock of collision shaking it’s very foundations, he acted. Omega wrapped his daughter in the Force, cocooning her in the dark side. As the ship drove harder into the ground, breaking apart the hull in as many places as it was simply pierced, his will was set on her alone.

For half a second, he faltered. It was too hard to sustain, even for him with his near unlimited power. Rhyiianna crashed forward. With anger fueling him, Omega set his will upon her once more, cocooning her again in the dark side right as her body crashed against the durasteel flooring. She would likely have broken an arm, perhaps a wrist if she was lucky, but the way he felt her fall, he would be surprised if that were the case.

He was running out of steam. He could feel it as the ship continued to crash across the planet’s crust. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold it and the ship didn’t show any signs of stopping. Large chunks of hull plating and transparisteel flew about the room, the viewport having shattered, bringing howling winds into the cockpit where Rhyiianna lay huddled unconscious on the floor.

Finally, the ship started to slow. As the seconds flew by, it slowed more, though it was still a raging storm of hellfire inside. For as long as he could, Omega hung on, keeping his cocoon of dark side energy around his daughter, protecting her from more physical harm. As he struggled to find more power to fuel the cocoon, his anger abated in the process of saving Rhyiianna, he let his voice carry back to her through the Force.

<< Daddy loves you too Princess! >>

Then as quickly as it had started, it stopped. There was no more cocoon. There was no more Omega. There was nothing left, the last of his energy gone as his voice faded in the unconscious girl’s mind. Omega was gone.


Rhyiianna’s unconscious body lay limp on the durasteel flooring. As the voice of her Daddy played in her mind, the rest of her shifted too. The ship had slowed, but it had not stopped. Her body was flung unceremoniously into the forward walls, crashing to the floor and waking her with a start. She opened her eyes. Where was Daddy? Why couldn’t she feel him anymore? Why had he left her?

Tears streamed down her face as she wondered if he had ever been there at all. A thought that disappeared all too quickly as another violent shaking of the ship sent her face first into the wall once more.

All was black. The ship stopped.